The South Australian Apiarists' Association is in the process of implementing an Online Membership and Registration system.

Prospective members will be able to sign up using an online form and pay for their membership via Paypal or Credit Card.

Once signed up online, members will be able to renew their membership when it becomes due using the same online system. Members will receive reminder emails when their membership is due to expire.

Access to the Members Only areas of the website will be automatically granted once the online signup and payment is completed. Currently access to these areas is hidden, but once your Member Logon is granted, a large number of additional menu items will become visible and accessible.

Members who join part way through the year need to select "Offline Payment" when completing the membership sign-up process, then contact the Treasurer to determine the payment amount required for the part-year membership period.

There are currently 2 different subscriptions available;

  1. Sign up as a full SAAA member with votes and fees proportionate to the number of hives you manage, with access to all Member Only areas of the site.
  2. Sign up to only receive the SAAA Newsletter, with no votes and a fixed fee, with no access to the Member Only areas - only access to the Buzz Newsletter.