About the SAAA

The SAAA was founded in 1945 and is the peak industry association for Commercial Beekeepers in South Australia. Members of the SAAA Executive Council, represent the SA Apiary Industry on all key state and national industry bodies and government policy taskforces and advisory groups.


The South Australian Apiarists Association is the peak industry association for Commercial Beekeepers in SA. We also attract members from the Recreational Beekeeping sector.

Our members represent many facets of the industry including honey and honey-related products production, pollination, Queen breeding, propolis and pollen collection.

In 2020, South Australia produced an estimated $11 million worth of products, primarily high-quality honey.

The most significant contribution that honey bees make each year however, is in the pollination of agricultural and horticultural crops. Plant industries in SA that are the most reliant on honey bee pollination include almonds, apples, cherries, avocados, berries, small seeds and some broadacre crops e.g. lucerne. The value of these crops to SA is estimated at $1.7 billion per year.

The SAAA provides value for our members by publishing a magazine – The Buzz, organising an annual conference, conducting field days and facilitating education and training opportunities. 

August 2020 – August 2021 marks the 75th year of our Association, having been founded by a visionary and committed group of beekeepers in 1945.

The SAAA is proud of its history and committed to progressing the interests of its members and the industry as a whole into the future.