SAAA Executive Council

According to the SAAA Constitution, Executive Council Members are elected every two years (half one year, the other half the next year) at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in conjunction with the annual SAAA Conference.

Executive Council

The President and Vice-President are selected by fellow Council members each year. 

Mr Ian Zadow


SAAA Representative, Apiary Alliance SA
SAAA Representative, AHBIC (Voting)
SAAA Policies & Procedures Sub-Committee

+61 429 433 125

Mr Brenton Davis

Vice President

SAAA Biosecurity Sub-Committee, Chair
SAAA Representative, AHBIC Biosecurity Committee
SAAA Representative, AHBIC Education Committee

+61 427 070 966

Mr Allan Cotton

Executive Member

SAAA Resources Sub-Committee, Chair

+61 427 975 020

Mrs Carolyn Smith

Executive Member

+61 438 868 921

Mr Danny Le Feuvre

Executive Member

Apiary Alliance SA, Chair
SAAA Resources Sub-Committee
SAAA Representative, AHBIC (Non-Voting)
SAAA Representative, AHBIC Resources Committee

+61 409 699 980

Mr Jack Bricknall

Executive member

SAAA Education Working Group
SAAA Policies & Procedures Sub-Committee
The Buzz, Editor

+61 447 745 061

Mr Josh Kennett


SAAA Representative, Apiary Alliance SA

+61 416 277 174

Mr Peter Mew

Executive Member

SAAA Education Working Group, Chair
SAAA Policies & Procedures Sub-Committee
SAAA Representative, AHBIC Education Commitee

+61 400 296 393

Mr Tom Hampton


+61 438 042 162

Ms Miranda Tenney

Acting Secretary

+61 419 982 102