SAAA Honour Roll

The SAAA was founded in August 1945. We are pleased to be able to acknowledge the contributions of many individuals in our Honour Roll.

Thank You to Office bearers past and present

Without the dedication and hard work of SAAA members past and present who have taken on Officer Bearer positions, the SAAA would not have been able to function successfully and for so long. We extend our sincere thanks to all of the individuals listed in the Honour Roll below.


1945-47 L.C. Harding
1948-49 E.F. Von Bertouch
1950-51 C.B. Scarfe
1952-53 S.J. Whetstone
1954-55 C.C. Fiebig
1956-58 A.B. Roehr
1959-62 D.R. Deer
1963-68 A.B. Roehr
1969 J.K. Carson
1970-71 D.R. Deer
1972-73 M.J. Koerner
1974-78 J.E. Tenney
1979-80 J.C. Fuss
1981-83 A. Mathison
1984 J.C. Fuss
1985-86 R.P. Murphy
1986-87 R.C. Wehrmann
1988-89 T.L. Duffield
1990-91 T.R. Morgan
1992-94 J.E. Tenney
1995-96 T.D. Deer
1997 T.L. Duffield
1998-00 K.F. Gibbs
2001 D.A. Clifford
2002-05 B.A. Pobke
2006-08 I.M. Zadow
2009 B.A. Pobke
2010-15 I.J. Roberts
2015-18 B. Hooper
2019-2021 J. Kennett
2021 – Current I. M. Zadow


1945-70 L.M. Gardiner
1971-77 E.R. Mitchell
1976 F. Cellier (3 months)
1978-80 L.M. Murphy
1981 D. Hermanson
1982-93 D.R. Clarke
1994-99 C.S. Maloney
2000 N. Lewis (2 months)
2000-04 L.O. Turner
2005-16 D.E. Dyer
2016-18 M. Cotton
2018-2020 K. Pitt

2020-2021 T. Hampton 

2021-Current M. Cotton


1945-70 L.R. Gardiner
1971-77 E.R. Mitchell
1976 F. Cellier (3 months)
1978-80 L.M. Murphy
1981 D. Hermanson
1982-83 D.R. Clarke
1984 L.M. Murphy
1985-86 B. Davison
1987 M. Gibbs (3 months)
1987-03 K.L.J. Lambert
2004-08 B.G. Lawrence
2008-16 W. Thiele
2016–17 R. Arnold
2017-18 K. Pitt
2018 H. Williams
2019 K. Hudson/Anthony Hudson
2020-2021 J. McCormick
2021-Current Acting Secretary  

SAAA Life members

The SAAA awards Life Membership of the Association to individual members who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the SAAA. Below is a list of the individuals who have been awarded Life Membership of the SAAA.

Life Members

L.A. Gardiner
E.R. Mitchell
D.G. Weidenhofer
C.B. Scarfe
A.B. Roehr
J.K. Carson
D.R. Deer
A. Mathison
T. Deer
Hon. C. Legoe QC
K.F. Gibbs
G.M. Wagenfeller
J. Fuss
B.A. Pobke