Introduction to American Foulbrood and European Foulbrood

'AFB is a bacterial disease that is spread via contaminated honey bees, honey bee products, and equipment, potentially not only within an affected beekeepers apiary, but also to surrounding disease-free apiaries belonging to other beekeepers.'


Introduction to American Foulbrood and European Foulbrood

In this presentation, Elizabeth Frost provides information on how to identify American Foulbrood and European Foulbrood and discusses strategies that can be implemented to prevent an outbreak of these diseases. 

Presenter: Elizabeth Frost

Elizabeth Frost is the Technical Specialist Honey Bees with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

In this role, Liz manages research and development projects with outcomes for the NSW Beekeeping Industry focusing on queen bee breeding and pollination. She also provides technical advice to the beekeeping industry, government, media and the public, and contributes to the delivery of accredited courses through the registered training organisation – Tocal Agricultural College in the specialist areas of queen bee breeding and insemination and pollination. 

Presentation Synopsis

In this presentation Elizabeth explores what signs and symptoms beekeepers need to look for to detect either American Foulbrood or European Foulbrood in their hives. She recommends that beekeepers inspect every brood frame at least twice a year for these diseases as an AFB infection starts with just ONE cell and only 6-10 AFB spores are needed to infect a hive. Given that 1 larvae can produce 2.6 billion AFB spores, early detection is critical. She also discusses prevention strategies that can be implemented to minimise the risk of AFB or EFB infections.

Additional information

To view a YouTube video presented by Elizabeth on the topic of Queen selection and genetics titled ‘Long Live the Queen’ please click on the link below.

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