'In Australia as at July 2020, there were 1,868 Commercial Beekeepers and 27, 822 Recreational Beekeepers managing 668,672 hives.'

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Welcome to the Learning hive

The SAAA Learning Hive aims to build the capacity of the Australian Apiary Industry by facilitating online access to education and training activities. 

Virtual conversation series

The SAAA Virtual Conversation Series has been developed to provide opportunities for members and other stakeholders to hear presentations from leading academics, peak body representatives and industry practitioners involved in industry research and innovation at a state, national and international level. This initiative emerged as a result of having to cancel the SAAA’s Annual Conference in June 2020 due to Covid-19. Many of the speakers featured in the Virtual Conversation Series were going to present at this conference. We are delighted that many of them been able to make a contribution to this exciting new initiative.

The SAAA would like to thank Agrifutures for the awarding of a $5000 Honey Bee & Pollination Program Industry Development Grant (‘Smarty Grant’) which has enabled the Learning Hive infrastructure to be built, including the integration of a Learning Management System to facilitate the future delivery, management and certification of non-accredited online courses.

Each month, new presentations from one or more speakers will be featured on the Learning Hive as part of the Virtual Conversation Series. A repository of all presentations can be accessed in the ‘Conversations’ section of the Learning Hive.

Featured conversations so far are listed below. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

Virtual Conversation Series Sponsors

The SAAA has received tremendous support from a group of sponsors who have very generously transferred their sponsorship of our 2020 Annual Conference to the Virtual Conversation Series.

Sponsorship from these companies has enabled this new initiative to be developed and implemented for the benefit of SAAA members and other key industry stakeholders.

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'In 2019, the almond industry hired 180,000 plus hives for paid pollination across Australia. By 2027, this demand is predicted to grow to 300,000 hives.'

Almond Board of Australia 2019


Our vision is to develop and deliver a range of education and training courses for Commercial and Recreational Beekeepers in collaboration with other stakeholders. These courses may be delivered face-to-face, online or via a combination of these methods.

We will also provide information about courses offered by other providers that are of interest to our industry.

Some courses may be publicly available and FREE, or have a fee attached. Courses with fees can be paid for online using a credit card.

Below are links to courses that are currently on offer by the SAAA or other organisations.

'During the period July 2010 to July 2020, the number of registered Commercial Beekeepers in SA increased from 173 to 179.'



Like any library, this section of the Learning Hive provides access to a range of curated learning resources of interest to Commercial and Recreational Beekeepers. Resources are included across three categories – Publications, Newsletters and Videos.

'Honey produced by Recreational Beekeepers has a value, even if it is consumed by the beekeeper or given away. As at July 2020, honey produced by Recreational Beekeepers has an estimated economic value of $45.6 million.'

Agrifutures Australia

South Australian Apiarists' Association


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    'In 2018, the economic value of honey bee pollination created for horticulture and the Australian economy was estimated to be $14.2 billion.'

    Karasinski, JM 2018