'Bees are critical to our food security. Through the process of pollination we depend on bees for one in every three mouthfuls of the food we eat.'

Wheen Bee Foundation

Virtual Conversation Series

The Virtual Conversation Series is an education and training initiative of the South Australian Apiarists’ Association. It features video presentations on topics of interest to commercial and recreational beekeepers.


The SAAA Virtual Conversation Series has been developed to provide opportunities for members and other stakeholders to watch video presentations from leading academics, peak body representatives and industry practitioners involved in industry research and innovation at a state, national and international level. This initiative emerged as a result of having to cancel the SAAA’s Annual Conference in June 2020 due to Covid-19. Many of the speakers featured in the Virtual Conversation Series were going to present at this conference. We are delighted that many of them have been able to make a contribution to this exciting new initiative.

Each month, new presentations from one or more speakers will be featured on the Learning Hive as part of the Virtual Conversation Series. A repository of all presentations can be accessed in the ‘Conversations’ section of the Learning Hive.  


Conversations in the Research Category feature presentations from PhD candidates and other academics from research institutions across Australia, based on their current research activities.


Conversations in the Industry Category feature presentations from industry peak bodies and highly experienced apiarists from across Australia.


Conversations in the General Category feature presentations from other industry stakeholders across a diverse range of related fields of endeavour.

Watch this space! Conversations to be released soon.