With the ever-increasing interest in Beekeeping and associated industries, now is the time for beekeepers to get together and exchange knowledge and ideas as to where they, as individuals, and the industry, in general, are headed.

As a member, you may prefer to attend local branch meetings and deal with issues relating more directly to you personally or you might like to become more involved and have a say in the widespread policies affecting the industry as a whole. Currently, the South East and Central Branches hold regular meetings, sometimes with guest speakers and networking ideas, sometimes to catch up socially with like-minded people.

Why should you join?

The South Australian Apiarists’ Association (SAAA) represents South Australian commercial honey producers, pollinators, queen breeders and recreational beekeepers. It is recognised as the peak industry body in South Australia and consults with government on a regular basis. The SAAA is a member body of the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) which fights for all beekeepers at a federal level and has two state delegates representing South Australia.

SAAA supports and encourages research through proactively supporting local and interstate research projects. We have representation on the AgriFutures Honeybee and Pollination R&D (formerly RIRDC). The SAAA initiates and actively advises on policy to protect and promote the industry in South Australia and has input into the goals and direction of PIRSA’s apiary staff through the Apiary Alliance SA of which the SAAA is an active member.

SAAA attends to Native Title matters for the apiary industry in South Australia and liaises with Department of Environment and Water regarding National Parks and Crown Land sites and licenses.

SAAA has also been involved in the development of the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program and has a strong involvement in Biosecurity. It promotes food safety within the industry via the industry’s Quality Assurance program – B-Qual.

SAAA has formed tight affiliation with industries such as Almond, Apple, Pear and Lucerne, working with them for mutual benefit.

SAAA hold an annual conference giving all members a chance to have their say in the running of the association and access to guest speakers relevant to the industry. They organise Field Days, Development Days (such as Fork Lift, Chemical, Pest & Disease) where members can learn and share skills, ideas and knowledge as well as form networking and social contacts. SAAA membership entitles you to access these Conferences, Field Days and Development Days at a reduced cost or for free as well as receiving the bi-monthly magazine keeping you in touch with up-to-date information on the apiary industry as well as associated industries.

The vision of the SAAA is being a collective voice, promoting cooperation among beekeepers, improving knowledge and skills, and developing the profitability of beekeeping enterprises.


Members give our association it’s voice

SAAA gives our industry a stronger voice

The more members we have – the louder our voice