The process of signing up and becoming an SAAA member is quite simple. These instructions will guide you through the process with screen shots of how the screen should look and key information that is required along the way.

If at any time you need further assistance, please contact the Secretary of the SAAA.

If you already have a user account on the website, log in with that account before commencing the Sign Up process as some of your details will automatically populate some of the fields displayed during the Sign Up process.

If you do not already have an account on the website, you will be asked to create one as part of the Sign Up process.

Note: Please read through the entire tutorial before commencing the process so you are aware of the information required.


1. Select a suitable plan matching the number of hives you manage, and click the Sign Up button.


2. Enter the required general contact information.

Note: Hovering your mouse over the field name will display a description of the required information.

Note: You must enter a valid email address as this will be used for future communications from the SAAA. Also, if you forget your Username or Password, your email address will be used to assist with retrieving these details. All email addresses must be unique. There cannot be 2 or more members using the same email address.

3. Enter the required membership specific information. 

Note: The Number of Hives is used for SAAA statistical purposes and is not published or shared with any other entity, except as a total count of all hives combined managed by our members. Individual hive numbers are not shared.


4. Select the payment method.

Note: In the example below, the subscription has been Pro-rated as the Sign Up process was performed part way through the membership year. 

Select the appropriate Payment Method, if you want to subscribe to the SAAA newsletters (this includes industry alerts!) and that you accept the Terms and Conditions of membership. When ready, click the Process Subscription button.

Note: There is a separate tutorial on each of the Payment Methods including PayPal, Credit Cards and Offline providing much more detail about the steps required.

5. Once the payment process is complete and you have returned to the SAAA website, your registration and payment transaction details will be displayed.


You will immediately receive access to the Member Only areas of the website. An email will be sent to the email address used during the registration process confirming your website account and registration details. A Tax Invoice will also be emailed to your email address.

If Offline Payment was selected as the Payment Method, you will need to follow the instructions in the email sent to the email address used during registration to complete the payment process and notify the SAAA Treasurer.

Access to the website will not be granted until the payment process is complete.