'Establishing a database of Australian Honey can only be a positive outcome for our industry as it will enable our products to be verified and should protect us against claims of adulteration.'

Wayne Fuller, Chairman, B-QUAL Australia


In this presentation, Don Muir discusses the work of B-QUAL and provides an overview of a new project they are leading for the Australian Apiary Industry. 

Presenter: Don Muir

Don Muir is a Director of B-QUAL Australia. He is also the Project Manager for the Australian Honey Library Project which is being delivered in collaboration with Dr Liz Barbour (CRCHBP), Professor Sharon Purchase (University of Western Australia) and a team of exceptional researchers.

Don is a member of the GS1 Traceability Steering Committee and a Reference Group member of the Hort Innovation Project PH17001.

He is also a member of the Victorian Apiarists’ Association Constitutional Committee.

Presentation Synopsis

In this presentation Don Muir discusses the work of B-QUAL and an exciting new project initiative – the establishment of an Australian Honey Library.

B-QUAL Australia Pty Limited has been established by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) as an independently developed and audited food safety program.

B-QUAL aims to ensure that 90% of honey produced in Australia is quality assured for both the domestic and export markets. The specific requirements of the European Union (EU) for the export of honey and honey products will be met. B-QUAL meets the requirements of FSANZ Food Safety Standard. The adoption of these standards will enable continued market access both in Australia and overseas. B-QUAL aims to address the current industry biosecurity codes of practice which includes an auditable biosecurity plan.

The Australian Honey Library Project aims to create a floral and Australian honey database that can be used internationally to verify the provenance of Australian Honey.

Additional information

More information about the Australian Honey Library Project can be found in the December 2020 B-QUAL Newsletter. To download this newsletter please click on the link below.
BQUAL December 2020 Newsletter

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