Swarm Removal

It is very common for bees to swarm in the spring. Experienced beekeepers are able to remove most swarms and keep the colony alive.

Have a swarm removed

The South Australian Apiarists’ Association does not offer a swarm removal service.

If you have a swarm that needs to be removed, you can contact one of the swarm catchers listed in the links below. 
Aussie Apiarists Online
Beekeeping Society of South Australia

Please note that the South Australian Apiarists’ Association does not endorse any particular swarm catcher advertising on these sites. Members of the South Australian Apiarists’ Association may have their details advertised on swarm catching sites, however they do not represent the South Australian Apiarists’ Association.

Swarm removal may incur a fee depending on the complexity of the removal and location of the swarm. These fees need to be negotiated with the swarm catcher prior to removal.

Things to consider if you have a swarm on your property

  1. If you get stung and appear to have an allergic reaction, seek medical advice immediately.
  2. Seek assistance to remove the swarm as soon as possible. The longer the swarm remains in its location, the more difficult and more costly it will be to remove, especially if it is in a building or cavity. (Note: Please ensure that any removal/cut out of a swarm that is performed in a building or cavity is done so by an individual with a builders’ licence and legal liability insurance).
  3. Do not interfere with the swarm by squirting it with water or throwing items at it. This will only upset the bees.
  4. If you want the swarm relocated and kept alive, ask the beekeeper if they will be relocating the swarm or exterminating it.
  5. When reporting a swarm please have the following useful details ready for the beekeeper:
    • What is the location of the swarm?
    • How long has the swarm been present in the location?
    • What is the approximate size of the swarm?