World Bee Day Event: Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market

World Bee Day Event: Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market

World Bee Day will once again be celebrated on Thursday 20 May, 2020. The purpose of this international day is to acknowledge the role of bees and other pollinators for food security, biosecurity and ecosystem health.

The Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market will celebrate all things BEE at their farmers’ market on Saturday 22 May, 2021 at the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market. The SAAA is a proud supporter of this event and several Executive Council Members will be joining SAAA member Marc Webb to conduct some bee-related demonstrations, workshops and lots of kids’ activities along a Yellow Brick Road including group performances of the Waggle Dance.

It would be great to see lots of SAAA members at this event.

More information about the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market can be found at


World Bee Day

The main purpose of World Bee Day events is to spread awareness of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival. Simply proclaiming World Bee Day does not do much for bees and other pollinators; the main work of safeguarding their existence still needs to be undertaken. World Bee Day is an excellent opportunity to put bees at the centre of the national conversation for a day and encourage actions that create more bee-friendly landscapes.